This page needs a fresh update...

We're now at version 1.2. See Updates for details.

Alpha Release (Feb 8th):

SubFire ScreenShot 3 Shadow 330x213.jpg

  • Configure a single subsonic server, including bitrate
  • Default it is pre-configured to a Subsonic demo server
  • Loads folders
  • Loads playlists
  • Plays! (well, wouldn't do much good if it didn't)
  • Top-level MusicFolders are currently only shuffled (using getRandomSongs)
  • Playlist contents can not be shuffled
  • Album artwork loads
  • Artist info loads (5.1 servers only)
  • Playlist artwork in list (5.1 servers only)
  • Responsive layout down to 360px wide phone portrait mode
  • Responsive layout up to 1080p wide landscape mode
  • Playlist playing remembers where you left off

Beta Release 0.7.5 (March 8th):

  • Folder browse and play, along with 'back-button' state memory
  • Focus-zooming confined to tablets and tv's.

Beta Release 0.9.0 (Fire) and 0.9.1 (Chrome/Web) (March 14):

  • Shuffle current Play Queue
  • Show current Play Queue and scan to select track to play
  • Focus-zooming confined to tv's
  • Notifications (Web only)

RC (April 2):

  • Color changing to match album artwork
  • Albums page with optional ID3 support (Newest, Recent, Random, and Sorted)
  • Play Queue persistence (5.2 servers only)
  • Back to current play mode button (upper right corner on all browsing pages)
  • Persistence of last top-level state

Future Targets:

  • Display similar artists/songs as time passes
  • Color-change other elements of the player page to match cover
  • ID3-based browsing (Genre, Artist) along with ID3-fetched artist info
  • 'Radio' mode following similar songs/artists
  • ...
  • Profit! (ok, mostly kidding there)

Reminder: the cross-network access will require SubSonic Server 5.0 and above, due to a bug in the CORS implementation in 4.9. Currently the password is sent using the enc mode, which is not entirely secure, so I recommend you create an account with 0 privileges solely for use with SubFire Player and change the password regularly. HTTPS *should* work, but I have not tested it yet.

Other known issues are being kept in the support page's knowledge-base.