Not going to be easy...

Posted by jwsadmin on December 31, 2014

So on the good news front, I have a functional "alpha" product.

  • defaults to showing the subsonic demo site
  • can change server and login credentials (I recommend making a dedicated account since the username/password is passed over the air unencrypted)
  • playlists
  • forward/back navigation of playlist
  • play/pause song
  • folders list
  • click on a folder produces a random shuffle of 50 songs from it
  • forward/back navigation of songs
  • play/pause song

And tested so far: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Chrome for Android

Limitations: only works against a 5.0 server due to a bug in CORS handling.

Known bugs: silent failures most of the time when user input is wrong or the server is down.

Now all that is good. What isn't so good is that JQM doesn't have built-in keyboard navigation. This is something that will be critical for the Fire version since Fire TV and Stick don't have touch capabilities (though the Kindle Fire does, so that's something, but not my target).